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Our Philosophy


Coworking….nice concept, right? Sure, but it’s much more powerful than you might think. Telecommunications and technology, in general, have been improving at warp speed. Our standard of living has never been better and our access to information and one another has never been easier. We can video-chat with people around the world and share information with the click of a button.  We have cars that can park themselves nowadays and smartphones that can do just about everything but walk the dog.


But we’ve been missing something. Something big. We still struggle to find satisfaction in our jobs — the activity we spend most of our time on. Why is it so hard to find a job we like? Or to like a job that we have? Sometimes it’s the work itself, but sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes, it’s the environment and details that surround your work. Sometimes, it’s your never-ending commute or your boring co-workers (or lack thereof) and office politics. Sometimes, it’s your inflexible hours or uninspiring work space. Sometimes it’s all of these things! These details can not only affect your work-life happiness, but your overall well-being.


Coworking is a means to solve this. Coworking, as we see it, is a way to improve happiness at work. It’s an evolution of work — where work is what we do and no longer where we are. Taking part in this work evolution can result in some powerful changes, not only for you, the worker, but for your company, your community, and the environment.


Whether you are a self-employed worker or entrepreneur, remotely located corporate employee or part of an expanding business, you have a new workspace at Onward. It’s estimated over 40% of the US workforce has coworking compatible jobs. Do you?