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Private Office - from $795/mo
Reserved Desk - $395/mo
Hot Desk - $250/mo

Who else works here?

We’re a diverse group — coworking is most fun when you’re surrounded by people with different talents and expertise. Here’s a sampling of the people that work at Onward:  social media experts, advertisers, editors, lawyers, public relations people, architects, engineers, non-profiteers, video producers, creative directors, branding experts, digital marketers, software developers, financial consultants, sales professionals, IT consultants, and so on. Many of these individuals are seasoned entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent contractors, or remotely located professionals.

Do I have to apply?

Ha, that’s funny. No, you don’t have to apply. But we would like to meet you to make sure you’re a human and not a robot.

Is the space available 24/7?

Yep. Limited building hours would really put a damper on the whole flexible workspace thing, ya know?

Can I come in for a tour?

We show the space by appointment only. Contact us if you want to come check it out.

Can I try it out first?

You’re welcome to try it out for a day to make sure it suits you. Contact us and we’ll set something up.

Do people talk on the phone in the space?

Yes, of course. Members are courteous and conscious of those around them when on the phone. We also have Phone Rooms for sensitive or personal calls.

Are you accessible by public transport?

Most definitely. Onward is located 2 blocks from the Morgan-Lake L stop served by the Pink and Green lines – this is 2 stops away from the loop. We are also near the major train stations, Union Station and Ogilvie, and accessible by a number of bus lines that serve the area.

What about bike storage?

We have an indoor bike storage area so you can keep you bike off the ruff-and-tumble streets of the West Loop. Kidding about the ruff-and-tumble part.

Are there limits or extra costs for conference room use and printing?

No limits or extra costs…not really in to the whole nickel-and-diming thing.

What’s up with this rooftop deck?

It’s awesome and has spectacular views. Perfect for lunch or an afternoon hangout.

What type of security do you have?

Card reader access at the main building entrance and our suite entrance protect our stuff and keep bad guys out. We also have security cameras in the space to monitor your productivity. Just kidding, only for security.

Seriously, how’s the coffee?

It’s pretty darn good. We get it from our neighbors, La Colombe Torrefaction. If you’ve heard of them you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, well, you should probably check them out.

I have a group – can we modify the furniture to make it more collaborative?

What a fascinating question – yes! The fabric and glass privacy screens can all be taken down and reworked to create a very open and collaborative workspace.